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It all started when owner and native Frenchman, Yves Le Meitour, wanted to recreate the look and more importantly, the feeling, of the small town he grew up in in the west of France.  He wanted a place where people could eat, shop, meet, relax, people watch, etc.  He wanted to create a village square which up until that point, Multnomah Village was lacking.  

Over the course of several months, Yves created the unique look of the French Quarter with everything from store fronts to street lamps.  

Upon completion, it was time to fill up the French Quarter and give it life.  Yves and his daughter Sara Le Meitour, the manager, set out to find businesses that would bring diversity and ingenuity to the village.  The French Quarter views it as a great source of pride that the majority of the businesses are owned and run by women and at least five nationalities are represented.  

Since its official opening the French Quarter has become known for it's outstanding food carts, amazing produce stand and unique and vibrant boutiques.  It is a place where people can gather and feel a sense of community.  In a nutshell, the French Quarter was created by a family for families.

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- It's fall y'all!  Come enjoy the good fall vibes down at the French Quarter.